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The New Homeowner’s Guide to Preparing for extreme weather. eric Brandt No Comments . More in: disaster proofing, Home Safety. Earning the title of homeowner is a big financial step, so as a new owner, you’ll probably do anything in your power to protect your investment. Homeowner’s insurance covers certain types of weather-related damage.

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New Homeowners’ Survival Guide So you’ll (probably) never screw up on the care and improvement on your home.. 7 Bits & Parts of a House Most New Homeowners Can’t Identify. You might be tempted to fiddle with one of them to get super water pressure. Don’t. Just don’t.

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 · Being a first-time homeowner can be both an exciting and stressful time in your life. From unpacking your belongings to tackling your first set of home maintenance tasks, it can be a little daunting if you don’t know where and how to begin. As you settle into your new place, the.

Homeowner Maintenance Tips. do-it-yourself guide, but does provide useful information about the care and maintenance of your home. Quality Builders Warranty Corporation Page 3 of 18. into the construction of your new home, from the concrete foundations to the paint on the walls..

Other sites for listing your home include (which operates similarly to, Patch, and StreetEasy.

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Best Way To Own A House The cheapest way to build a house involves reaching out to the right people. You don’t have to do this alone – in fact, you shouldn’t. Make some phone calls and shoot some emails to anyone in your friend or family circle who has any experience with construction, appliances, design, and/or foundations.

Opendoor Guide. Here is the checklist for first-time home buyers in brief:. There are new legal terms to learn, like contingency and escrow, and people to.

Just for first time home buyers: A collection of 30 top articles on the. a homeowner with Money Under 30's first-time home buyer's guide.