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Bluebell International is a worldwide money lender who provides loans on commercial properties for foreign nationals. There are two requirements needed to qualify; (1) proper down payment, and (2) provide proof you can make the monthly payments.

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Our state-by-state hard money lender directory lists loan details and contact information for local and national lenders. It has up to date lending parameters and.

AAPL is the leading member association in the private real estate lending industry. AAPL is the only organization defining standards for private lenders.

Read here about hard money loans for rental property!. Basically, you can choose between a local and a national bank when considering.

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Best Commercial Hard Money Deal! " Commercial Hard Money 6% Fixed, Non-Recourse $600,000,000 Available *New Private Lender* No Pre-Payment, (after 5 years) 2-30 years "low due Diligence Fees" Our Private Lender Requires a 1.5% – 3.0% Down Payment Only, after Approval and Signing of Final Loan Agreement.

>> The American Association of Private Lenders is the first association representing the private real estate lending industry nationally.. 5 types of Loans a Hard Money Lender Won’t Fund. Not a Member? Join Now! AAPL Partners view all.

are limited in their loan options and are forced to seek loans at higher rates with unsustainable repayment plans. Green Dot Money has an opportunity to help these hard-working Americans find a loan.

Approval: the most important factor for hard money lenders is collateral. If you’re buying an investment property, the lender will lend as much as the property is worth. If you need to borrow against a different property you own, that property’s value is what the lender cares about.

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