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What should you do? It’s quite simple to protect yourself: Do not call or text back. The name "473 scam" comes from the fact that criminals have been known to use caller IDs with the area code.

Surface area of a cylinder A thorough and crystal clear explanation of how to derive the formula for the surface area of a cylinder by showing you how to make a cylinder using two circles and a rectangle Surface area of a square pyramid A thorough and crystal clear explanation of how to derive the formula for the surface area of a square pyramid.

Tell us what burning questions you’ve always wondered about the metro area, serious or trivial. We won’t rest until we find.

Finding the area of a shape is very simple, as long as you know the proper formula. The most common shapes to find the area of are rectangles and circles. Each of these shapes has its own distinct area formula. To find the area of a circle, you will need to use a calculator that has a button for pi.

What do I do if I am temporarily out of the Alameda County area and need medical services? If you are temporarily outside of Alameda County (such as on.

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Amid the threat of ICE raids, Oakland-based Centro Legal de la Raza is offering assistance and information to Bay Area families who may be impacted. provider about your options Find out what to do.

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